The Success of Apex Legends

February 26, 2019 No Comments

Apex Legends has taken the BR world by storm, seemingly out of nowhere. From a surprise announcement, a launch the following day, and all with just minor issues. A small company like Respawn has handled the influx of players relatively well. The memes about the death of fortnite are putting everything ever so bluntly.

But can Apex legends sustain this momentum? Part of the reason why fortnite has been so successful, is that they are relatively large studio and shifted large resources to the development of the game allowing them to hold onto large herds of players as they pass through from game to game. Including daily changes to the item store, battlepass with content and themes, constant tournaments with large cash prizes and a revenue sharing system to keep the streamers and Pro’s playing. Many of the professional teams have Fortnite squads that have become popular due to their success in the game and has subsequently grown their brands. The model that fortnite has used for its map has also been key. It has not added new maps which has split communities like PUBG in the past. But has instead evolved its map by replacing locations and having cataclysmic events that alter the map, giving it a breathing/living feel.


Apex Legends didn’t begin with small strides, it appeared out of nowhere already galloping. But one cant help but wonder if it can sustain this pace. Will it add new maps or choose to alter its current successful one? One major concern from the community thus far is content. The current Apex Legends Packs do not give you duplicates. We all love this! But you run out of items relatively quickly and the item store takes up to 4 or 5 days to refresh for certain things. Part of the fortnite allure is waiting for that store to change daily and see what new or classic item/skin is up for grabs. The lack of content in Apex has definitely been felt with players commenting and yearning for ways to stand out from the pack. With different legends also comes the concern of game balance with players already upset that some legends have smaller hitboxes then others according to some youtube videos, but has not been confirmed by Respawn just yet.

Although there are many questions and concerns the Apex community may have. We all have to agree that Apex is an incredibly polished and balanced game showing playability years beyond what other BR’s like PUBG have been able to do. The company Respawn, being birthed from the death of the original “Infinity Ward” responsible for COD Modern Warfare, are gamers first and it shows. Like Bungie, they are free from the grips of activision, which more and more gamers are despising because they seem to be all about profits and not providing new fresh ideas or gameplay. Respawn is the company all gamers should be cheering for. One that stands up for the gaming experience, and not just looking to monetize it. At least from this gamer, I hope Respawn’s success continues and the studio grows to a true power house in gaming and never sells out to corporate greed, but continues to develop fresh new content that we loved in modern warfare, and are reminded once again in Apex, who the true innovators are.